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Mango Brulee

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Mango Brulee Canned Cannabis (3.5g) Natural Light

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Mango Brulee is a sweet and creamy Sativa-leaning cross of Mango and Creme Brûlée. The strain is a flavorful combination for those 420-fans with discerning taste buds and is loaded with the essence of sweet and tangy mangoes and sour citrus. A tasty hit for the picky connoisseur in your smoke circle, the strain’s terpenes are expressed by hints of ripe tropical mangos, lemon and pine. A mello and flavorful strain, these buds can be enjoyed anytime of day or night.


While the overall high from Mango Brulee is relatively mild, its therapeutic value allows for a relaxing headspace and creative mindset.


* All of West Coast Cure’s top-shelf flowers are packaged in nitro sealed cans for premium freshness and are compliant with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.


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